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Three Times The Charm
Journaling e-course $24


Please allow up to 24 hours to receive class information and login, it will be sent to the email address you used for payment.

A self-paced course with posts, prompts and challenges

      3 sets of 3 Journaling prompts

  1. Journaling prompts ( It will be something to thing about and write about AND something tangible you must use creatively in your spread) followed up with 3 video walk throughs of my completed Journaling Prompts
  2. 3 mini prompts to keep you inspired
  3. 3 mini challenges to keep your mind fresh with new ideas

      3 PDF walkthrough Journaling exercises*

  1. Charming Walkthrough No. 1: Facing the blank page
    ⁃ Creating a spread using some of my favourite ways to jump start journaling when faced with the blank page and not knowing what to do, utilizing a prompt promised to be fun. Great for people who are intimidated by the blank page - but also fun for longtime journalers.
  2. Charming Walkthrough No. 2: Secret Sub-pages (images provided)
    ⁃ Crafting a journaling spread full or secrets and wishes, and ways to journal them while keeping them away from prying eyes. PDF of images supplied, the same I use in the walkthrough.
  3. Charming Walkthrough No. 3: Fun with Old Paper (images provided)
    ⁃ Mixing old paper into a journaling spread in a fun, challenging way - I will be suppling the images (but you can use your own if you wish). This segment will also have a glimpse into how I letter, helping you make more of your own writing. PDF of images supplied, the same I use in the walkthrough.

      3 In-depth Journaling Posts
I will be addressing 3 topics of journaling, all of which will be designed to help you focus on continuing to journal and develop your own style and routine after the class is over.

  1. How to cultivate your own journaling style
  2. Summer Souvenir/Travel Journals (with a fun download)
  3. Journaling project ideas to do at your own pace

Also included:

      Private blog to check for prompts and to find all downloads

      Private environment to ask questions (of me and each other), share photos of your spreads, and to get to know one another better (via flickr)

      You may join in at any time - all class content will be available for at least 6 months.

      A cute button for your blog (I would love it if you posted it, but not mandatory!) that can link to HERE.
(just right click and save as... or copy the code from the box below)


*Please note that the walkthroughs are the same that I offered as part of the Artful Pages e-course offered earlier this year.